Welcome Avengers & Defenders!

This campaign started from Breakout and then moved forward into the Civil War Event period. We are using the Advanced Troupe Play rules. This means that each player has a main character, but will also play other characters from time to time.

Current Roster:

Regular Player Main Character Currently Playing Has Also Played
Sam Poole Wolverine Wolverine Daredevil, The Sentry, Captain America
Jordan Bakker Doctor Strange Iron Man Mister Fantastic, Cyclops
Josh Sekersky Spider-Man Spider-Man Thing, Iceman
Venessa Huasasquiche Black Panther Black Panther Shadowcat, Moon Knight
Jayden She-Hulk Wasp, Invisible Woman, Arachne
Guest Player Character(s) Played
Blayk Sekersky Deadpool, Human Torch, Iron Fist, Captain America
Ashley Alexander Invisible Woman
Jordan Katz Colossus, Luke Cage
Current Doom Pool: 3D8

Marvel Heroic - Avengers & Defenders