Marvel Heroic - Avengers & Defenders

Civil War - Act One - Scene Two - The Hammer Falls

Quick Synopsis:

- Reed Richards gets a distress call on a coded frequency from General William Ray.
- A government research facility in Broxton Oklahoma is under attack. What’s inside is classified.
- Latverian Doom Bots are attacking the base. “Stand aside for the glory that is Doom!”
- SHIELD can’t get there in time. FF is the only option.
- The Fantastic Four races to the scene, skipping a spaghetti dinner prepared by Sue Richards.
- They successfully battle the army of Doom Bots.
- The Doom Bots are mainly fighting skirmishes on the perimeter.
- During a break in the action, Mr. Fantastic downloads the data from the severed head of a Doom Bot and learns that the real attack on the domed base is coming.
- Radar and GPS systems were knocked out in the first attack wave.
- A large missile is fired at the dome …
- Invisible Woman tries to divert the incoming projectile, but it hits the side of the dome instead. Many lives are saved, but the dome is still breached.
- A mystic portal opens and Dr. Doom enters the area with a legion of Doom Bots.
- He moves toward the dome, while his Doom Bots move against the Fantastic Four.
- Thing is partially pinned by Doom Bots.
- Invisible Woman encases Doom in a force bubble.
- Mr. Fantastic wraps around the bubble and bounces it around himself.
- Human Torch goes Nova and destroys the legion of Doom Bots, but almost passes out from the strain…
- Dr. Doom attempts unsuccessfully to destroy the force bubble that surrounds him.
- Thing makes his way into the dome and attempts to lift Mjolnir and is successful.
- Dr. Doom: “If a cretinous worm like you can wield it, then it’s not an artifact worthy of Doom!”
- He opens a portal and escapes.
- The general catches up with the group and demands that Thing turn over Mjolnir for study.
- Mr. Fantastic convinces him that it would better in Thing’s responsible hands for safe keeping, given that the lab at the Baxter Building is better equipped to study it.
- The group returns to the Baxter Building. Thing is quite pleased with himself.

Civil War - Act One - Scene One: Defenders Assemble?
... maybe not

Quick Synopsis:

Deadpool is assigned by Taskmaster to grab the money that Crusader Hijacked from a C-130 transport plane.

Spider Man and Iron Man are on their way to appear before congress and are attacked by Titanium Man.

Tony Stark is knocked unconscious in his limo which catches on fire, while Spider Man and Dr. Strange fight Titanium Man.

Ultimately Dr. Strange traps Titanium Man in The Chains of Krakken.

Spider Man tries in vain to rescue Tony Stark.

Deadpool steals the money, kills some of Crusader’s cultists, and escapes the plane as it almost crashes into the Lincoln memorial.

Dr. Strange teleports the plane and slows it down with magic and dumps it in the lake, while teleporting the displaced water unto Tony’s limo.

He then teleports Tony out of the limo so that he doesn’t drown.

Spider-Man escorts Tony into the congressional committee, after retrieving and donning the Iron Spider armor from the wrecked limo

Deadpool drowns Crusader as he is swimming to shore and takes his magic sword. He knee-caps several cultists.

Dr. Strange teleports the limo to a scrap yard and Titanium Man to The Raft, separated from his armor.

He returns to deal with the plane and sees Deadpool ordering cultists to retrieve money for him from the plane floating in the Tidal Basin.

Dr. Strange teleports the plane to it’s intended destination, much to Deadpool’s dismay. Deadpool demands he bring back the money, but Strange teleports him to a random safe destination. Deadpool teleports back. Dr. Strange temporarily shorts out Deadpool’s teleporter and sends him away. He does not think Deadpool worthy of joining his new Defenders.

Tony Stark testifies before the congressional committee in order to advocate watering down the upcoming SHRA legislation so that it is not overly restrictive. Spider-Man is leery of the SHRA as he is concerned about protecting his secret identity, but keeps any comments to himself.

Later that evening, Spider-Man is on patrol in his new armor near Avenger’s Tower.

Living Laser projects a hologram of a Spider on the moon to get Spidey’s attention.

He warns Spider-Man not to try to find the Lethal Legion again. “We took care of SHIELD”.

He blasts him off the nearby building he is on and Spidey glides to safety.

Spidey wonders how SHIELD got his codes and begins to have some doubts about Tony.

He decides to investigate and discovers that someone with Champion Level S.H.E.I.L.D. clearance hacked his Spidey tracer codes, increasing his concerns about Tony Stark.

Doom Pool – 2D12 + 1D6

Plot Points:

Spider-Man ~9
Deadpool ~2
Doctor Strange ~1

Breakout Act Two - Super Dome

Jungle Fun

Captain America is busy shining his shield while Spider-Man continues webbing Barbarus, Lupo, and Vertigo. Iron Fist is still a little disoriented from Vertigo’s attack and attempts to meditate to regain his composure, but is too distracted by the sounds of the jungle.

Spider-Man pokes fun at Brainchild, who is still hanging upside down. Iron Fist, feigns ignorance to throw the tiny Mutate off guard, demanding to know who he had broken out of The Raft. Brainchild is thinking that “it should be easy to fool these heroes”, when Iron Man grabs him by the neck and threatens to tear his head off if he doesn’t tell him where Lykos is headquartered.

The telepathic Mutate is scared, but knows that Iron Man is not a killer and recommends that he “get a drink somewhere and relax”. He is startled when Spider-Man pushes a snapping Velociraptor near his face. Captain America is just about to tell them to cut it out when Brainchild’s fear becomes too great and he snaps, confessing that Lykos is in a domed metallic complex about 20 miles east of their position. Iron Man concludes that it must be the energy source he detected earlier with his thermal sensors.

Iron Man throws the little imp over his shoulder. Captain America leads the way on foot and he and Iron Fist make fantastic progress through the dense jungle, reaching the Super Dome in only an hour.

Super Dome

Upon arriving, Brainchild tells them that access through the reinforced double doors to the facility is controlled via retinal scanner. Iron Man thanks him for the information, approaches the scanner and shoves the struggling little Mutate’s face into the scanner, causing the large doors to open. “Was that really necessary?”, says Captain America.

Spider-Man immediately enters and crawls up out of sight into the shadows. Iron Man uses night vision to examine the large room with a domed ceiling filled with high tech machinery and what appears to be a throne at the far end of the room. Several side corridors branch off from this main room. Lykos is standing by the throne with several Mutates around him.


Iron Man, Captain America, and Iron Fist stride confidently towards them as Spider-Man crawls overhead. Iron Man tosses Brainchild at the feet of Lykos, who is not pleased. “Why did you bring them here, you fool?” The little Mutate starts whining about his capture, interrogation, and the velociraptor, but Lykos is not in a listening mood.

It turns out that Spider-Man isn’t in a talking mood either. He leaps from the ceiling and tries to use a web line to pull himself quickly to Lykos, but his web shooters are empty. This shakes his confidence a little and Lykos is able to easily side-step his clumsy assault. Spider-Man falls to the ground, his ego a little bruised, but otherwise unhurt.

Lykos orders his Mutate allies to attack them and sits on his throne to watch the battle.


Whiteout steps forward and washes them in a devastating blinding light. Iron Fist and Iron Man are nearly blinded, but Spider-Man by virtue of his position on the ground merely sees white spots for awhile. Captain America is not so lucky, as he does not manage to shield his eyes in time and remains blinded for the rest of the fight, helping where he can.

Iron Man places an immediate distress call to SHIELD on a coded frequency, hoping that it might clear the electromagnetic interference present in the Savage Land and reach Director Hill somehow.

Iron Fist can only see vague shapes and fails to connect as Worm side-steps his punch and covers him in psychoactive slime.


Iron Man engages his cybernetic senses to track his opponents on the battlefield for him, relying on his armor instead of his own eyes. The armor identifies Amphibius’ heat signature leaping to attack the nearby Spider-Man who is busy reloading his web-shooters. He is knocked back by the full force of Iron Man’s repulsors, landing at the foot of Lykos’ throne. He groggily gets back up on his webbed feet.


Worm attempts to take control of Iron Fist, but the martial arts master shrugs it off.

Lykos angrily gets up from his throne and puts a hand to Amphibius’ head and drains his mutant energy. The large amphibian keels over and Lykos orders more mutates approaching from a side corridor to attack or they will suffer the same fate. He then uses the newly acquired energy to transform himself into his Pteranodon form and launches himself into the air.


Iron Fist, decides to go where he will feel most useful and moves to intercept the incoming mob of Mutate shapes he is barely able to make out. He knocks two of them unconscious with his Iron Fists.

Iron Man launches a volley of missiles at the incoming Mutates, Whiteout, and Worm. Several of the lesser Mutates are incapacitated and Worm is hit with shrapnel from the attack. Whiteout manages to dive safely behind the throne.

Spider-Man leaps over Worm onto the opposite wall and peppers him with webbing, but it passes harmlessly into his slimy form. Worm responds by shooting slime at Spider-Man, but he easily skirts out of the way, “I’m too slippery even for you”.

Super dome fight

Whiteout leaps from behind the throne and tries to slam into Iron Man, but he jets to the side and pummels her with repulsors as she is moving by. She is thrown back fifteen feet and lands underneath Spider-Man’s new hiding spot.

Iron Man’s victory is short-lived as Lykos engages him in the air and delivers a flame breath attack that heats his armor to a painful internal temperature, burning his arm where the shielding has been weakened. Iron Man begins to worry that he and his Avengers might be in trouble.

Down below, Iron Fist delivers a kick that sends one Mutate into two others, taking all three of them out of the fight. Spider-Man kicks an unsuspecting Whiteout in the face, almost knocking her out.

Iron Man knows he has to take Lykos out or the team can’t win. He uses his targeting computer again and tries to ram into the Pteranodon, but Lykos is too fast. He slips out of the way and singes several critical systems with another blast of fire. Iron Man is almost unconscious from the pain as his armor heats up to catastrophic levels.

Just as things look dire, two dozen SHIELD paratroopers storm the facility and unleash super tranquilizers against all remaining mutates on the ground and Lykos flying overhead. He crashes hard into the metal floor and loses consciousness. The remaining mutates are easily subdued. Apparently, Iron Man’s call was received after all, by Director Hill in the nearby Helicarrier, flying above the electromagnetic interference.


The heroes’ vision slowly returns to normal.

Iron Man removes his left arm plate and Iron Fist heals his burned appendage. As the SHIELD agents are securing the facility, Spider-Man looks for a nearby terminal and readies a USB drive to dump Lykos’ valuable data. He is just about to begin downloading when a nearby agent pulls the plug. “Sorry Spidey. Director’s orders. We’ll take it from here.”

Iron Man addresses a nearby agent and asks him if they’ve found Lykos’ bar by any chance. He could really use a drink. The agent has no time to answer, as Yelona Belova (aka Black Widow II) storms into the facility with her ground team. “No time for cocktails. Sorry we’re late, but my team didn’t have the benefit of being dropped by Helicarrier. We headed over as soon as we received your distress call. Director Hill has put me in charge of cleaning up your mess.”

Exhausted, Iron Man lets SHIELD get to work without interference. Spider-Man remarks that it seems mighty convenient for SHIELD to have been so close by. Belova is not amused “We don’t have time for wise crackers. The four of you should head over to the north ridge for immediate extraction and debriefing.”

Spider-Man complains to Iron Fist about women problems, but is silenced by Captain America: “Have some respect please!”

The paratroopers accompany the Avengers to the rendezvous point and they are taken to the SHIELD Helicarrier to meet with Director Hill. She scolds them for the mess they’ve made, but admits that at least they found those responsible for the Breakout. “Thankfully my team was nearby to assist, or things could have been a lot worse.”

Captain America takes Iron Man aside and raises some concerns about SHIELD and their handling of the investigation, but Iron Man shrugs it off as “Maria Hill just being a bitch.”

The Avengers are dropped off in New York and go their separate ways, but agree to keep in touch for future Avengers business.

After a speedy trial Electro is sentenced and taken to the Raft for imprisonment.

Breakout Act Two - Into the Savage Land

Dinosaurs love Spiders

T rex

After destroying the Quinjet, the Giant T-Rex notices the assembled heroes and charges straight at them. Spider-Man leaps into the air and twist flips onto the theropod’s head. He is about to web it’s mouth shut when he is thrown off into a nearby tree.

Captain America presents his shield has a springboard for Iron Fist to launch himself at and cling to the beast’s left leg. He powers an Iron Fist and delivers a solid blow to the creature’s genitals. Iron Man plants himself and delivers a double repulsor blast to it’s right leg, injuring it.

Angered, the T-Rex turns to trample Iron Man with it’s good left leg, but he flies out of the way. Iron Fist, sensing a potential collision, attempts to jump off of Captain America’s incoming shield, but mistimes his leap and takes the full force of the shield in the stomach and is knocked to the ground.

Spider-Man, obsessed with taking the beast head on, forms a web slingshot to launch himself feet first at it’s head. The T-Rex opens its mouth and grabs Spidey in mid air, shakes him around, and then throws him over 100 feet into the dense foliage of the nearby jungle. He lands on his back, unaware that he is now being hunted.

Iron Man flies straight up to get some speed before returning to deliver a massive upper cut that momentarily stuns the beast. Captain America distracts it, while Iron Fist summons his inner strength before delivering a double Iron Fist palm strike to a huge nearby tree, toppling it onto the creature’s head and knocking it unconscious.

Spider-Man begins to get up when he feels the heavy breathing of a Velociraptor sniffing him. She moves to pounce, but Spidey uses a web-line to pull himself toward a large tropical tree, just as two other raptors try to flank him on either side. His timing is perfect as both hunters collide into each other, rendering one of them unconscious.

Iron Fist focuses his Chi inward, while Iron Man uses his repulsors to put out the jungle fire around the Quinjet wreckage. They both decide that they better look for Spider-Man. Iron Fist sets out on foot, while Iron Man jets past him to see Spidey webbing up one of the remaining raptors from the safety of a nearby tree. He continues flying and slams into the last of the pack, knocking her out.

The armored hero notices an experimental Repulsor Enhancer Gauntlet that must have been thrown from the exploding Quinjet. He picks it up and examines it, tests it, and determines that it is not yet ready for field trials.

Spidey gingerly lowers himself to the jungle floor as Iron Fist approaches him to help with his injuries. Iron Man flies a hundred feet above the tree line and activates his thermal sensors with the hope of finding a nearby power source. He picks up a large energy source 18 miles east of their position.

Mutates hate Iron


Spider-Man notices that the jungle around them is getting extremely quiet. He announces that they are surrounded by Mutates, primitive humans mutated by Magneto. A dozen of them are moving in to attack. Spider-Man attaches a web-line to the webbed up raptor and swings it into three mutates, taking them out.

Iron Man hears Spider-Man’s warning and flies closer before unleashing a volley of missiles with enhanced tracking ability. Seven more Mutates are down. Iron Fist throws one of the last two remaining attackers into his fellow tribesman.

Captain America senses a tactical shift as several larger more evolved Mutates enter the area. Vertigo, Brainchild, Lupo, and Barbarus have come to help their lesser brothers against the foreign intrusion.

Vertigo sends out a wave of psychic dissonance to befuddle the heroes. Iron Man manages to fly out of range, but Iron Fist and Spider-Man are having trouble keeping their balance. Spidey remarks, “It feels like Reed Richards is having a seminar in my head.”

Lupo lunges at Spider-Man, but he uses a web-line to pull himself towards the upper branches of a nearby tree before letting go and crashing right back down on the unsuspecting primitive, rendering him unconscious.


Brainchild climbs a nearby tree to survey the battle and delivers a telepathic plan of attack to Barbarus, who follows his instructions and uproots a 25 foot sapling with his four arms and swings it at Iron Fist and Spider-Man, knocking both heroes off their feet.

Iron Man’s missiles have finished reloading into their launch chambers, armed with the new targeting algorithms. He fires a devastating swarm at the three Mutates. Vertigo almost takes a direct hit, and Brainchild and Barbarus are reeling from nearby explosions. The hard-headed futurist is proving that technology trumps primitive might.

Iron Fist, fearing another psychic wave from Vertigo, rushes past Barbarus, powers his Iron Fist and slams her head into a 150 foot mangrove tree, knocking her out.

Spider-Man finds a large 120 pound rock, creates a makeshift web slingshot and launches the small boulder at Barbarus. “Hey ugly! Catch!” Barbarus is knocked back 15 feet and doesn’t get up.

Brainchild wonders how his super-genius failed him. He concedes defeat and begins sending a distress call, but Iron Man jams the signal. A frustrated Brainchild turns to run, but Iron Fist throws an unconscious Vertigo at his back and knocks him down. He surrenders and Spider-Man strings him up by his feet for questioning.

Iron Man hovers overhead. Spider-Man and Iron Fist shake hands over a job well done. Iron Fist uses the opportunity to use his Chi once again to help his new friend, before attending to his own injuries.

Current Doom Pool: 1D10 + 2D6

Character End of Scene PP & Stress Totals
Iron Fist 0 PP – D4 Mental Stress
Iron Man 0 PP – No Stress
Spider Man 0 PP – No Stress
Breakout Act One - Investigation

Mop Up

The SHIELD Helicarrier arrives and Maria Hill is furious about the escaped convicts:

Maria hill

“Where are the rest of New York’s finest heroes? What’s The Sentry doing walking around? He should be in his cell! While you were rounding up a bunch of light weights like the Silver Samurai and Griffin, the likes of Count Nefaria, Graviton, Nitro, The Wrecking Crew and the U-Foes escaped! Why bring a wisecracking buffoon like Spider-Man into a serious situation like a prison break? Thank God Captain America showed up or Graviton might have destroyed the Raft and half of Manhattan!”

Iron Man ignores her complaints, while Spider-Man explains that he managed to get a Spidey tracer onto both Count Nefaria and Graviton. Captain America tries to diffuse the situation by reassuring Director Hill that they will do everything they can to help.

Maria Hill demands that Spider-Man hand over the coded frequency of his Spidey Tracers to SHIELD and he says that he’ll “think about it”. This infuriates her and she instructs Captain America to “talk some sense into these idiots!”, before storming off to take charge of the containment operation.

Emergency crews continue to assess the damage to the harbor front. Reed Richards arrives in the fantasticar. He’s been busy routing power from the Baxter Building to hospitals and emergency services. It will still be another few hours before power is restored in Manhattan. He rendezvous with Matt Murdoch and they go inside to check on Bob Reynolds.

Avengers Assemble

Captain America suggests quietly to Iron Man that they should really think about reforming the Avengers. Iron Man agrees that they should at least talk about it and offers Stark Tower as a place to discuss it. Captain America asks Spider-Man if he’d like to attend the meeting and he agrees. They decide to meet at noon the next day.

Captain America feels they might need some street level help and heads into the Raft to find Matt Murdoch who is standing outside of The Sentry’s cell, giving Reed Richards a chance to talk to Bob Reynolds alone for a bit. Matt says that he’s trying to lay low for awhile, given his recent problems with the tabloids, but that Luke Cage at Heroes for Hire might be interested in helping out. He gives Luke’s card to Cap so that he can contact him.

Iron Man flies back to Miami for more super model horseplay and Spider-Man decides to spend the rest of the night with Mary Jane.

Captain America calls Heroes for Hire and Daniel Rand (Iron Fist) answers. He tells Cap that Luke Cage is out of town, so Cap extends the offer to Iron Fist instead. Danny agrees to at least attend the meeting. Even if he doesn’t decide to join, he at least wants to be supportive of the Avengers getting back together.

Iron Man doesn’t return to New York until 6:30 AM and is still sleeping when Captain America arrives just before noon. He knows the pass codes to Stark Tower and takes the elevator up and lets himself in. He isn’t there long when Spider-Man taps on the living room window.

Cap: “Don’t you ever use the front door?” Spider-Man hops in and immediately heads for the refrigerator and grabs a juice box. He’s hanging from the ceiling, sipping juice, when Iron Fist arrives.

Everyone waits in the conference room while Captain America tells Tony Stark he should probably get dressed. Iron Man reluctantly gets out of bed, gets dressed, and joins the others.

Captain America makes an impassioned plea to Iron Man, Iron Fist, and Spider-Man that the world needs the Avengers. That the incident at The Raft is proof of this. There is much discussion, but in the end everyone agrees to reform the team at least long enough to find out who was responsible for the breakout at The Raft.

They are interrupted by a teleconference call from Maria Hill demanding the coded frequency for Spidey’s tracers. Iron Man tells her that they’ve decided to help SHIELD investigate the breakout and follow up on apprehending any escaped prisoners. He informs her that he is reconstituting the Avengers.

She tells him that he is not authorized to do this and he responds that his Champion Level SHIELD clearance means he doesn’t need her permission. She’s furious: “I thought you were going to talk some sense into them Captain. Stay away from my investigation. You haven’t heard the last of this Stark!” and hangs up.


Everyone finds her behavior odd. Why would SHIELD refuse aid from the New Avengers?

Iron Man, uses his SHIELD clearance to access Electro’s file and then uses his banking contacts to track any large sums of money transferred to Maxwell Dillon. It seems that Maxwell Dillon has an account at the National Bank in Boston that recently had a seven figure sum dumped into it a few days ago. Further reading of Electro’s file shows that he has been seeing a woman by the name of Mia Salem there, off and on, for a number of years.

Tony Stark still in civilian clothing, leads them to the Quinjet hangar and the team heads to Boston to follow their best lead. They land on a rooftop near the outdoor cafe where Mia Salem works, hoping to question her about Maxwell Dillon and his whereabouts. Captain America stays with the Quinjet, while Tony Stark and Daniel Rand approach the cafe in civilian clothes. Spider-Man decides to skulk along the shadowed rooftop ledges.

Mia salem

As they approach the cafe, Tony and Daniel realize their luck when they see Maxwell Dillon arguing with Mia Salem while she is working: “Come on Mia! This is our chance to finally get away from it all. We’ll never have to worry about money again.” It dawns on Mia that Maxwell must have been responsible for the blackout at the Raft “What did you do!?!”


Tony puts a hand on Maxwell’s shoulder: “Leave the lady alone.” He responds by electrifying his shoulder and the jolt of energy knocks Tony off his feet and six feet back. Danny helps Tony to his feet while using his Chi Healing to soothe his aching muscles. Spider-Man reveals himself and succeeds in webbing the lower half of Electro’s body to the iron fence surrounding the cafe: “I’m a little shocked to see you here. Not too smart.”

Patrons begin giving them all a wide berth, clearing away from most of the nearby tables. Mia looks on in horror. Spider-Man while leaping from building to building tries to finish encasing Electro but he manages to twist his upper body out of the way. Electro responds by unleashing a deadly spark that hits Spider-Man in mid leap. The blast halts his forward momentum as he is knocked unconscious and comes plummeting down, shattering the glass of a nearby cafe table.

Daniel Rand responds and powers his Iron Fist to connect with a devastating blow that nearly punches a hole through Electro’s chest. Tony Stark sees the opportunity, grabs a chair knocked over by a fleeing patron and smacks Electro hard across the head and knocks him unconscious.

Tony radios Captain America and then clears a spot for the Quinjet to land. Daniel uses his Chi Healing to bring Spider-Man back to consciousness. The cafe owner begins scolding Tony Stark about the damage done to his cafe until he takes out his wallet and gives the owner $2000 in cash to cover damages.

Spider-Man is groggy, but musters enough strength to rip out the iron fence section that Electro is attached to so that he can be moved back to Stark Tower for questioning. The cafe owner moves to protest, but Tony is already getting his wallet out for another $1000 payment.

The team brings Electro back to Stark Tower where he is placed in an insulated cell. He offers to tell them who paid him to break into the Raft in exchange for his release. Spider-Man is feeling softhearted in spite of his injuries and entertains the deal, but Captain America strongly objects. Electro hints at the fact that SHIELD hasn’t told them the whole story and that they may be getting in over their heads.

Iron Fist convinces Electro to at least tell them who he was there to break out as a gesture of good faith and that if his information proved accurate they would at least consider a future deal. Stupidly, Electro tells them that he was hired to break Karl Lykos aka Sauron out of the Raft.

Iron Fist follows up with his street level contacts and finds out that Brainchild was recently looking for someone with electricity or teleportation powers. He concludes that Brainchild must have been the one to commission Electro’s services.

The team assembles and Iron Man tells everyone that Brainchild is a Mutate from the Savage Land in Antarctica and that Karl Lykos is also a resident of the Savage Land. He also notes that Lykos is not on the original prisoner manifest for the Raft, which means that he was being held in SHIELD custody in secret. He has his computer check for any unusual activity in the news regarding Lykos, but doesn’t find anything. The group concludes that Lykos has probably gone back home to the Savage Land and decide to fly there to investigate.

On the way there, Spider-Man reminds everyone that Lykos is a mutant capable of draining powers and transforming into a giant pterodactyl and that maybe they should park the Quinjet a little ways out to avoid the magnetic issues that can cause crash landings in the Savage Land. Captain America and Iron Man agree.

Iron Man finds a plateau and a clear spot to land the Quinjet. They exit the aircraft and gather to discuss how best to track Lykos. Their plans are rudely interrupted when a giant T-Rex charges out of the nearby jungle and steps on the Quinjet causing it to explode into a hundred pieces.

The four Avengers, newly assembled, prepare for battle.

Breakout Act One - Power Plant
Purple Power Plays

Spider Man and Iron Man finish carefully pulling the four SHIELD agents from the rubble. Three of them are in rough shape, while the other is well enough to begin giving his friends much needed medical assistance.

Iron Man begins to worry that the Raft’s main power has not turned back on yet. He examines the schematics of the Raft and verifies that he needs to make his way to level 10 at the bottom of the Raft to see what the problem is. Without the main power restored there won’t be any way to contain the inmates.

He is performing some emergency welding repairs on the communications tower that Spider-Man temporarily secured with his webbing when acting director Maria Hill contacts him. She indicates that the Helicarrier is about 30 minutes out and scolds him again for letting Nefaria escape. He shrugs it off and activates a muscle relaxant to take the sting out of his muscles before the task ahead.

News reporter Belinda Johnson conducts a friendly interview with Spider-Man about the dangerous situation at the Raft and what he plans to do about it. The interview is cut short when the Living Laser appears. Iron Man looks up from his work just long enough to see the Living Laser weigh his options and then escape at light speed.

Knowing that SHIELD assistance from the Helicarrier is still a ways out, Iron Man knows that it will be up to he and Spider Man to contain the situation. He pries the reinforced doors open and leads the way to the main elevator shaft so they can make their way to the power plant down on level 10.

Meanwhile down below on level 8, Matt Murdoch is helping Foggy Nelson get back on his feet and ushering Typhoid Mary back into her cell. The Sentry puts the battered Carnage back in his own cell and seals the door shut with his amazing strength and some impromptu welding of his own. The unconscious Hydro Man is all but forgotten.

The heroes plan to make their way back to the elevator when a large mob of 14 minor villains rounds the corner from where Hydro Man originally made his appearance. Daredevil protects Foggy Nelson, while The Sentry avoids the mob’s attempt to grab him. The Sentry blasts them with the power of a million exploding suns and then finishes them off with a series of quick punches. Rather than face The Sentry, a lone remaining villain runs back to his cell.

Four SHIELD agents arrive from a nearby junction and Matt Murdoch leaves Foggy Nelson in their care while they return the mob of inmates back to their cells. The heroes head back to the main elevator.

On the main floor, Iron Man meets several SHIELD agents who are happy to see him. Spider Man remarks sarcastically: “Wow. It’s great to be appreciated too”, as he crawls along the ceiling. Iron Man tries to recruit the agents, but they indicate that they would rather stay at their post in case any other inmates try to get past them.

Elevator Magic

They reach the main elevator shaft and open the doors. The elevator is stuck on level 7. Spider-Man rappels down to the elevator with his webbing. Iron Man flies down and opens the elevator roof hatch and drops inside. Spidey’s spider senses start tingling as the elevator door opens to reveal Silver Samurai and Purple Man, who sneers: “We’re in luck. Looks like we just found our ticket out of here.”
Purple man
Spider-Man tries to swing kick the Silver Samurai, but the Bushido master slashes him across the chest with his tachyon sword. The Purple Man attempts to control them both with his pheromone-based persuasion powers, but only succeeds in giving Iron Man pause. Spider-Man swings out into the hallway on level 7 to avoid an attack by Silver Samurai while Iron Man fires dual repulsor blasts, singing both of his foes. Spider-Man then webs the hallway to give himself time to think before re-engaging the pair of villains.

One floor below them, The Sentry and Matt Murdoch arrive at the elevator shaft. The Sentry hears the fight going on above him and grabs the floor of the elevator and yanks the elevator down to his level and is now face to face with Iron Man, whom he reassures that he is one of the good guys. The pair of heroes fly up through the elevator shaft hatch to engage the Silver Samurai and Purple Man. Matt Murdoch uses his billy club line to follow closely.

The Purple Man commands Iron Man: “Get us out of here” and Iron Man falls under his influence. Spider-Man finds an air vent to hide from the Silver Samurai, now slicing through his webbing: “I’ve got a bug to catch”. The Purple Man tells Samurai that he’s on his own if he goes after Spider-Man rather than escape and he commands Iron Man: “Fly me out!”.

Iron Man obeys and grabs the Purple Man to escape, but The Sentry body slams both of them into a nearby wall, sandwiching the Purple Man between a wall and Iron Man. The Purple Man attempts to establish control over The Sentry while using his healing factor to completely regenerate, but fails to persuade him.

Matt Murdoch slams the Purple Man in the stomach with his bill clubs, doubling him over, and The Sentry finishes him off with an upper cut that slams him hard into the corridor ceiling.

The Silver Samurai manages to cut through Spidey’s webs only to find him hiding. Spider-Man drops down and kicks him in the head for a final knockout.

We need power!

The Sentry seals the pair of villains in a nearby cell. The Raft rocks from a huge explosion. SHIELD agents report to Iron Man that Nitro, the Wrecking Crew and the U-Foes have blown a hole in the Raft on level 2, just above water level and are escaping. Director Hill overhears this and orders Iron Man to abandon his quest toward the power plant so that he and the others can stop the escaping inmates. Iron Man tells her that he needs to get power back online or it will only get worse. She protests, but he tells her: “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that, you’re breaking up…”

The Sentry lifts the elevator to level 6, Spider-Man webs it in place and everyone makes their way down the shaft to level 10. They head to the power plant at the heart of the Raft.

When they arrive they find the sentient electrical field known as Zzzax feeding from the main reactor. Iron Man attempts to knock him away from the reactor with a volley of missiles, but they veer off course as they near his electric form. The reactor system is Stark Technology and Iron Man guesses that they will have to find a way to separate Zzzax from the reactor if they want to get it back online.
Spider-Man has an idea and proceeds to cover the reactor with his webbing to insulate it from Zzzax. He manages to cover most of the reactor, which angers Zzzax, who temporarily breaks contact long enough to blast Spider-Man, but fails to connect. Spider-Man seizes the opportunity and finishes webbing and insulating the reactor.

The Sentry catches Zzzax off-guard and slams him into a wall. Iron Man then manages to trap him in a recently discharged capacitor. Using all of the Raft information at his disposal Iron Man kickstarts the reactor and main generators, restoring full power to the facility.


The Raft begins to rumble and communication with SHIELD reveals that it is rising and is now 3 meters above the East River. Acting Director Maria Hill requests assistance from Iron Man on the surface and this time he agrees, leading The Sentry and Spider-Man back up the main elevator shaft and through the outside reinforced doors. Matt Murdoch makes his way to level 3 to assist SHIELD in containing inmates.

Once outside, Iron Man takes command of seven nearby agents and asks for an update. An agent merely points up at the sneering figure of Graviton, defiantly raising his arms in the air and pulling the Raft further away from the East River. The Sentry moves to take him down.

Graviton waves his hand over the assembled agents and heroes and increases the nearby local gravity near the surface of the Raft to staggering levels. The Sentry is at the epicenter of the effect and is pinned, unable to move. Iron Man and Spider-Man are finding it almost impossible to move.

A helicopter appears near the Raft and makes an emergency landing on the helipad. Captain America emerges, diverted by SHIELD request after speaking at a nearby symposium on terrorism at the United Nations. He stands at the edge of the gravitic field and throws his shield. His aim is true and he strikes Graviton right in the groin.

Iron Man fires his missiles, but they can’t clear the gravity field to reach their intended target.

Spider-Man struggles to get far enough away from the gravitic field and succeeds, using the nearby geography to create a web sling shot to launch himself feet first right at Graviton’s chest. He lands a solid blow. Graviton is almost down for the count.

Hearing the sound of the approaching Helicarrier, Graviton decides to retreat and survive to fight another day when he is at full strength. He pours all of his effort into boosting his supersonic flight and makes a speedy getaway, but is tagged by a Spidey tracer before escaping.

The Raft falls back into the East River, causing ten foot waves to crash into the New York harbor.

Current Doom Pool: 1D6

Character End of Scene PP & Stress Totals
Captain America 1 PP – No Stress
Iron Man 0 PP – D6 Physical Stress
Spider Man 0 PP – No Stress
Breakout Act One - Level 8
Tentacles, Typhoids and Tidal Waves

Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) is sitting in his law office on the outskirts of Hell’s Kitchen with his law partner Foggy Nelson, when he gets a phone call from Reed Richards asking him to check out Bob Reynolds (aka The Sentry), an inmate at the Raft maximum-maximum security prison.

Richards says that Bob has checked himself into prison without trial or due process, because he believes he killed his wife. Richards believes him to be innocent and, like Matt Murdock, has been having dreams about The Sentry and slowly remembering who he is over the past few weeks.

Matt and Foggy agree to travel to the Raft to investigate via SHIELD helicopter.

Upon arriving at the Raft they are escorted by two agents into the prison where over 80 inmates are locked up in cells, some drugged and some with power dampeners. They head down a hundred feet below the surface to level 8 where Bob is incarcerated. Foggy is very worried about being so close to so many notorious villains.

The visitors are just three cells from Bob’s when the lights go out and plunge the Raft into complete darkness. Matt Murdock retrieves his billy club from his briefcase and readies for trouble. The group starts to hear sounds all around them. Something is lurking above in the darkness.

Carnage drops to the floor and makes a lunge for Foggy, intending to eat him. Daredevil leaps forward and envelops Carnage in his billy club line and brings both clubs down into his face, severely injuring one eye. Foggy runs into Bob Reynold’s cell and curls up in a corner, clutching his briefcase tightly.

Matt murdock

Carnage shifts forms to slip out of the entanglement and spawns a symbiote that immediately possesses one of the SHIELD agents. The symbiote turns and affixes himself to the other agent and drains his blood, leaving a lifeless husk. Carnage uses the distraction to hide in a nearby cell, waiting to pounce.

The symbiote turns to attack Daredevil, but is greeted by several quick blows to the head from his billy club and the twisted creature falls to the ground, unconscious. Daredevil recognizes the voice of a woman timidly asking about why the lights have gone out. It’s Typhoid Mary, apparently still in her Mary personality.

This quickly changes when Carnage sticks two tentacles into her and begins drawing blood. She summons fire into her hand and Carnage recoils from the flame. Daredevil seizes the opportunity to deliver a knockout blow to Carnage, putting his billy club right through his remaining good eye, while knocking out several teeth with his other club.

Mary scolds Daredevil for being so ruthless and then decides that she’s been feeling lonely since he last saw her and attempts to compel him to want her. Daredevil’s will is strong though and he rejects her attempt to control him.

He notices a large amount of water rounding the corner further down the hall and heading towards he and Mary. The water rises up into a wave and extinguishes Mary’s flame, which confuses her enough to cause her to switch to her Bloody Mary persona.

The water continues rushing toward Daredevil and forms into a fist. Hydro Man is attempting to take out Daredevil in one hit, but the hero dodges and counter attacks him with his clubs, turning Hydro Man into a man-puddle on the cold metal floor. Hydro Man is out.

The emergency lights kick on, but full power has not been restored.

Mary tries again to control Daredevil and is frustrated by his resistance. Daredevil looks her straight in the eyes and tells her that he will never love her and that she is worthless to him. The truth of his words sink in and she collapses onto the wet floor and begins sobbing. Daredevil leaves her there rocking herself back and forth.

Realizing that all of the security systems are down, Daredevil decides that the best course of action would be to persuade The Sentry to help him control the situation. He quickly heads to Bob’s cell and notices that Foggy is there, shaken but more or less alright.

The Sentry is slumped over and in no mood for conversation. Daredevil and Foggy make an impassioned plea and he agrees to help keep inmates from escaping the Raft, but tells him that once the situation is under control he plans on coming right back to his cell.

The Sentry slowly stands and gets ready for action.

Current Doom Pool: 2D6 + 1D10 + 1D8

Character End of Scene PP & Stress Totals
Daredevil 0 PP – No Stress
Breakout Act One - Surface
The New Lethal Legion is Born!

Iron Man is on his way back from a date in Miami he had with super model Natasha Ivanova and Spider-Man is being guilted into watching a chick flick with Mary Jane when the power goes out across all of Manhattan.

Spider-Man gets in costume and heads outside to investigate. Both he and Iron Man, who is flying over the East River, see a massive explosion emanating from the Raft – a maximum-maximum security prison for super villains managed by SHIELD. They head towards it to investigate.

The raft

Spider-Man hitches a ride on a willing WGNY news helicopter manned by a pilot, a female reporter, and camera man. Upon approach he notices Electro carrying a man in prison garb away from the Raft while triggering an EMP pulse that knocks out the news helicopter’s electronics. Iron Man is still too far away to help, but speeding toward the scene at over 500 MPH.

Spidey leaps onto the Raft and spins a web between the Raft main prison complex and a communications tower just north of the helipad and manages to catch the helicopter before it crashes. The news crew is unharmed and they begin lowering themselves onto the helipad where four SHIELD agents are stationed. The agents are trying unsuccessfully to communicate with the other agents inside.

It isn’t long before arch villain Count Nefaria rises out of the hole in the Raft, with Tiger Shark and Armadillo. The latter are chained together with a huge chain. Iron Man sees the opportunity and grabs the chain and attaches it to the communications tower. Tiger Shark and Armadillo swing helplessly until Spider-Man finishes the job by encasing them in a web cocoon.

Nefaria buries the SHIELD agents in rubble while announcing the birth of the new Lethal Legion. Grey Gargoyle and Griffin try to enter the action, but are laid low by Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Seeing the tide of battle turn against him and realizing he may have been premature in announcing his new super villain group, Nefaria flies away, but not before Spidey successfully puts a tracer on him.

The SHIELD Helicarrier contacts Iron Man and Director Maria Hill orders him to go after Count Nefaria, but he ignores her, excavating the SHIELD agents buried under the rubble instead.

Current Doom Pool: 1D12 + 1D8

Character End of Scene PP & Stress Totals
Iron Man 3 PP – D8 Physical Stress – D4 Emotional Stress
Spider-Man 1 PP – D8 Physical Stress

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