Marvel Heroic - Avengers & Defenders

Civil War - Act One - Scene One: Defenders Assemble?

... maybe not

Quick Synopsis:

Deadpool is assigned by Taskmaster to grab the money that Crusader Hijacked from a C-130 transport plane.

Spider Man and Iron Man are on their way to appear before congress and are attacked by Titanium Man.

Tony Stark is knocked unconscious in his limo which catches on fire, while Spider Man and Dr. Strange fight Titanium Man.

Ultimately Dr. Strange traps Titanium Man in The Chains of Krakken.

Spider Man tries in vain to rescue Tony Stark.

Deadpool steals the money, kills some of Crusader’s cultists, and escapes the plane as it almost crashes into the Lincoln memorial.

Dr. Strange teleports the plane and slows it down with magic and dumps it in the lake, while teleporting the displaced water unto Tony’s limo.

He then teleports Tony out of the limo so that he doesn’t drown.

Spider-Man escorts Tony into the congressional committee, after retrieving and donning the Iron Spider armor from the wrecked limo

Deadpool drowns Crusader as he is swimming to shore and takes his magic sword. He knee-caps several cultists.

Dr. Strange teleports the limo to a scrap yard and Titanium Man to The Raft, separated from his armor.

He returns to deal with the plane and sees Deadpool ordering cultists to retrieve money for him from the plane floating in the Tidal Basin.

Dr. Strange teleports the plane to it’s intended destination, much to Deadpool’s dismay. Deadpool demands he bring back the money, but Strange teleports him to a random safe destination. Deadpool teleports back. Dr. Strange temporarily shorts out Deadpool’s teleporter and sends him away. He does not think Deadpool worthy of joining his new Defenders.

Tony Stark testifies before the congressional committee in order to advocate watering down the upcoming SHRA legislation so that it is not overly restrictive. Spider-Man is leery of the SHRA as he is concerned about protecting his secret identity, but keeps any comments to himself.

Later that evening, Spider-Man is on patrol in his new armor near Avenger’s Tower.

Living Laser projects a hologram of a Spider on the moon to get Spidey’s attention.

He warns Spider-Man not to try to find the Lethal Legion again. “We took care of SHIELD”.

He blasts him off the nearby building he is on and Spidey glides to safety.

Spidey wonders how SHIELD got his codes and begins to have some doubts about Tony.

He decides to investigate and discovers that someone with Champion Level S.H.E.I.L.D. clearance hacked his Spidey tracer codes, increasing his concerns about Tony Stark.

Doom Pool – 2D12 + 1D6

Plot Points:

Spider-Man ~9
Deadpool ~2
Doctor Strange ~1



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