Marvel Heroic - Avengers & Defenders

Civil War - Act One - Scene Two - The Hammer Falls

Quick Synopsis:

- Reed Richards gets a distress call on a coded frequency from General William Ray.
- A government research facility in Broxton Oklahoma is under attack. What’s inside is classified.
- Latverian Doom Bots are attacking the base. “Stand aside for the glory that is Doom!”
- SHIELD can’t get there in time. FF is the only option.
- The Fantastic Four races to the scene, skipping a spaghetti dinner prepared by Sue Richards.
- They successfully battle the army of Doom Bots.
- The Doom Bots are mainly fighting skirmishes on the perimeter.
- During a break in the action, Mr. Fantastic downloads the data from the severed head of a Doom Bot and learns that the real attack on the domed base is coming.
- Radar and GPS systems were knocked out in the first attack wave.
- A large missile is fired at the dome …
- Invisible Woman tries to divert the incoming projectile, but it hits the side of the dome instead. Many lives are saved, but the dome is still breached.
- A mystic portal opens and Dr. Doom enters the area with a legion of Doom Bots.
- He moves toward the dome, while his Doom Bots move against the Fantastic Four.
- Thing is partially pinned by Doom Bots.
- Invisible Woman encases Doom in a force bubble.
- Mr. Fantastic wraps around the bubble and bounces it around himself.
- Human Torch goes Nova and destroys the legion of Doom Bots, but almost passes out from the strain…
- Dr. Doom attempts unsuccessfully to destroy the force bubble that surrounds him.
- Thing makes his way into the dome and attempts to lift Mjolnir and is successful.
- Dr. Doom: “If a cretinous worm like you can wield it, then it’s not an artifact worthy of Doom!”
- He opens a portal and escapes.
- The general catches up with the group and demands that Thing turn over Mjolnir for study.
- Mr. Fantastic convinces him that it would better in Thing’s responsible hands for safe keeping, given that the lab at the Baxter Building is better equipped to study it.
- The group returns to the Baxter Building. Thing is quite pleased with himself.



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