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Breakout Act Two - Super Dome

Jungle Fun

Captain America is busy shining his shield while Spider-Man continues webbing Barbarus, Lupo, and Vertigo. Iron Fist is still a little disoriented from Vertigo’s attack and attempts to meditate to regain his composure, but is too distracted by the sounds of the jungle.

Spider-Man pokes fun at Brainchild, who is still hanging upside down. Iron Fist, feigns ignorance to throw the tiny Mutate off guard, demanding to know who he had broken out of The Raft. Brainchild is thinking that “it should be easy to fool these heroes”, when Iron Man grabs him by the neck and threatens to tear his head off if he doesn’t tell him where Lykos is headquartered.

The telepathic Mutate is scared, but knows that Iron Man is not a killer and recommends that he “get a drink somewhere and relax”. He is startled when Spider-Man pushes a snapping Velociraptor near his face. Captain America is just about to tell them to cut it out when Brainchild’s fear becomes too great and he snaps, confessing that Lykos is in a domed metallic complex about 20 miles east of their position. Iron Man concludes that it must be the energy source he detected earlier with his thermal sensors.

Iron Man throws the little imp over his shoulder. Captain America leads the way on foot and he and Iron Fist make fantastic progress through the dense jungle, reaching the Super Dome in only an hour.

Super Dome

Upon arriving, Brainchild tells them that access through the reinforced double doors to the facility is controlled via retinal scanner. Iron Man thanks him for the information, approaches the scanner and shoves the struggling little Mutate’s face into the scanner, causing the large doors to open. “Was that really necessary?”, says Captain America.

Spider-Man immediately enters and crawls up out of sight into the shadows. Iron Man uses night vision to examine the large room with a domed ceiling filled with high tech machinery and what appears to be a throne at the far end of the room. Several side corridors branch off from this main room. Lykos is standing by the throne with several Mutates around him.


Iron Man, Captain America, and Iron Fist stride confidently towards them as Spider-Man crawls overhead. Iron Man tosses Brainchild at the feet of Lykos, who is not pleased. “Why did you bring them here, you fool?” The little Mutate starts whining about his capture, interrogation, and the velociraptor, but Lykos is not in a listening mood.

It turns out that Spider-Man isn’t in a talking mood either. He leaps from the ceiling and tries to use a web line to pull himself quickly to Lykos, but his web shooters are empty. This shakes his confidence a little and Lykos is able to easily side-step his clumsy assault. Spider-Man falls to the ground, his ego a little bruised, but otherwise unhurt.

Lykos orders his Mutate allies to attack them and sits on his throne to watch the battle.


Whiteout steps forward and washes them in a devastating blinding light. Iron Fist and Iron Man are nearly blinded, but Spider-Man by virtue of his position on the ground merely sees white spots for awhile. Captain America is not so lucky, as he does not manage to shield his eyes in time and remains blinded for the rest of the fight, helping where he can.

Iron Man places an immediate distress call to SHIELD on a coded frequency, hoping that it might clear the electromagnetic interference present in the Savage Land and reach Director Hill somehow.

Iron Fist can only see vague shapes and fails to connect as Worm side-steps his punch and covers him in psychoactive slime.


Iron Man engages his cybernetic senses to track his opponents on the battlefield for him, relying on his armor instead of his own eyes. The armor identifies Amphibius’ heat signature leaping to attack the nearby Spider-Man who is busy reloading his web-shooters. He is knocked back by the full force of Iron Man’s repulsors, landing at the foot of Lykos’ throne. He groggily gets back up on his webbed feet.


Worm attempts to take control of Iron Fist, but the martial arts master shrugs it off.

Lykos angrily gets up from his throne and puts a hand to Amphibius’ head and drains his mutant energy. The large amphibian keels over and Lykos orders more mutates approaching from a side corridor to attack or they will suffer the same fate. He then uses the newly acquired energy to transform himself into his Pteranodon form and launches himself into the air.


Iron Fist, decides to go where he will feel most useful and moves to intercept the incoming mob of Mutate shapes he is barely able to make out. He knocks two of them unconscious with his Iron Fists.

Iron Man launches a volley of missiles at the incoming Mutates, Whiteout, and Worm. Several of the lesser Mutates are incapacitated and Worm is hit with shrapnel from the attack. Whiteout manages to dive safely behind the throne.

Spider-Man leaps over Worm onto the opposite wall and peppers him with webbing, but it passes harmlessly into his slimy form. Worm responds by shooting slime at Spider-Man, but he easily skirts out of the way, “I’m too slippery even for you”.

Super dome fight

Whiteout leaps from behind the throne and tries to slam into Iron Man, but he jets to the side and pummels her with repulsors as she is moving by. She is thrown back fifteen feet and lands underneath Spider-Man’s new hiding spot.

Iron Man’s victory is short-lived as Lykos engages him in the air and delivers a flame breath attack that heats his armor to a painful internal temperature, burning his arm where the shielding has been weakened. Iron Man begins to worry that he and his Avengers might be in trouble.

Down below, Iron Fist delivers a kick that sends one Mutate into two others, taking all three of them out of the fight. Spider-Man kicks an unsuspecting Whiteout in the face, almost knocking her out.

Iron Man knows he has to take Lykos out or the team can’t win. He uses his targeting computer again and tries to ram into the Pteranodon, but Lykos is too fast. He slips out of the way and singes several critical systems with another blast of fire. Iron Man is almost unconscious from the pain as his armor heats up to catastrophic levels.

Just as things look dire, two dozen SHIELD paratroopers storm the facility and unleash super tranquilizers against all remaining mutates on the ground and Lykos flying overhead. He crashes hard into the metal floor and loses consciousness. The remaining mutates are easily subdued. Apparently, Iron Man’s call was received after all, by Director Hill in the nearby Helicarrier, flying above the electromagnetic interference.


The heroes’ vision slowly returns to normal.

Iron Man removes his left arm plate and Iron Fist heals his burned appendage. As the SHIELD agents are securing the facility, Spider-Man looks for a nearby terminal and readies a USB drive to dump Lykos’ valuable data. He is just about to begin downloading when a nearby agent pulls the plug. “Sorry Spidey. Director’s orders. We’ll take it from here.”

Iron Man addresses a nearby agent and asks him if they’ve found Lykos’ bar by any chance. He could really use a drink. The agent has no time to answer, as Yelona Belova (aka Black Widow II) storms into the facility with her ground team. “No time for cocktails. Sorry we’re late, but my team didn’t have the benefit of being dropped by Helicarrier. We headed over as soon as we received your distress call. Director Hill has put me in charge of cleaning up your mess.”

Exhausted, Iron Man lets SHIELD get to work without interference. Spider-Man remarks that it seems mighty convenient for SHIELD to have been so close by. Belova is not amused “We don’t have time for wise crackers. The four of you should head over to the north ridge for immediate extraction and debriefing.”

Spider-Man complains to Iron Fist about women problems, but is silenced by Captain America: “Have some respect please!”

The paratroopers accompany the Avengers to the rendezvous point and they are taken to the SHIELD Helicarrier to meet with Director Hill. She scolds them for the mess they’ve made, but admits that at least they found those responsible for the Breakout. “Thankfully my team was nearby to assist, or things could have been a lot worse.”

Captain America takes Iron Man aside and raises some concerns about SHIELD and their handling of the investigation, but Iron Man shrugs it off as “Maria Hill just being a bitch.”

The Avengers are dropped off in New York and go their separate ways, but agree to keep in touch for future Avengers business.

After a speedy trial Electro is sentenced and taken to the Raft for imprisonment.



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