Marvel Heroic - Avengers & Defenders

Breakout Act Two - Into the Savage Land

Dinosaurs love Spiders

T rex

After destroying the Quinjet, the Giant T-Rex notices the assembled heroes and charges straight at them. Spider-Man leaps into the air and twist flips onto the theropod’s head. He is about to web it’s mouth shut when he is thrown off into a nearby tree.

Captain America presents his shield has a springboard for Iron Fist to launch himself at and cling to the beast’s left leg. He powers an Iron Fist and delivers a solid blow to the creature’s genitals. Iron Man plants himself and delivers a double repulsor blast to it’s right leg, injuring it.

Angered, the T-Rex turns to trample Iron Man with it’s good left leg, but he flies out of the way. Iron Fist, sensing a potential collision, attempts to jump off of Captain America’s incoming shield, but mistimes his leap and takes the full force of the shield in the stomach and is knocked to the ground.

Spider-Man, obsessed with taking the beast head on, forms a web slingshot to launch himself feet first at it’s head. The T-Rex opens its mouth and grabs Spidey in mid air, shakes him around, and then throws him over 100 feet into the dense foliage of the nearby jungle. He lands on his back, unaware that he is now being hunted.

Iron Man flies straight up to get some speed before returning to deliver a massive upper cut that momentarily stuns the beast. Captain America distracts it, while Iron Fist summons his inner strength before delivering a double Iron Fist palm strike to a huge nearby tree, toppling it onto the creature’s head and knocking it unconscious.

Spider-Man begins to get up when he feels the heavy breathing of a Velociraptor sniffing him. She moves to pounce, but Spidey uses a web-line to pull himself toward a large tropical tree, just as two other raptors try to flank him on either side. His timing is perfect as both hunters collide into each other, rendering one of them unconscious.

Iron Fist focuses his Chi inward, while Iron Man uses his repulsors to put out the jungle fire around the Quinjet wreckage. They both decide that they better look for Spider-Man. Iron Fist sets out on foot, while Iron Man jets past him to see Spidey webbing up one of the remaining raptors from the safety of a nearby tree. He continues flying and slams into the last of the pack, knocking her out.

The armored hero notices an experimental Repulsor Enhancer Gauntlet that must have been thrown from the exploding Quinjet. He picks it up and examines it, tests it, and determines that it is not yet ready for field trials.

Spidey gingerly lowers himself to the jungle floor as Iron Fist approaches him to help with his injuries. Iron Man flies a hundred feet above the tree line and activates his thermal sensors with the hope of finding a nearby power source. He picks up a large energy source 18 miles east of their position.

Mutates hate Iron


Spider-Man notices that the jungle around them is getting extremely quiet. He announces that they are surrounded by Mutates, primitive humans mutated by Magneto. A dozen of them are moving in to attack. Spider-Man attaches a web-line to the webbed up raptor and swings it into three mutates, taking them out.

Iron Man hears Spider-Man’s warning and flies closer before unleashing a volley of missiles with enhanced tracking ability. Seven more Mutates are down. Iron Fist throws one of the last two remaining attackers into his fellow tribesman.

Captain America senses a tactical shift as several larger more evolved Mutates enter the area. Vertigo, Brainchild, Lupo, and Barbarus have come to help their lesser brothers against the foreign intrusion.

Vertigo sends out a wave of psychic dissonance to befuddle the heroes. Iron Man manages to fly out of range, but Iron Fist and Spider-Man are having trouble keeping their balance. Spidey remarks, “It feels like Reed Richards is having a seminar in my head.”

Lupo lunges at Spider-Man, but he uses a web-line to pull himself towards the upper branches of a nearby tree before letting go and crashing right back down on the unsuspecting primitive, rendering him unconscious.


Brainchild climbs a nearby tree to survey the battle and delivers a telepathic plan of attack to Barbarus, who follows his instructions and uproots a 25 foot sapling with his four arms and swings it at Iron Fist and Spider-Man, knocking both heroes off their feet.

Iron Man’s missiles have finished reloading into their launch chambers, armed with the new targeting algorithms. He fires a devastating swarm at the three Mutates. Vertigo almost takes a direct hit, and Brainchild and Barbarus are reeling from nearby explosions. The hard-headed futurist is proving that technology trumps primitive might.

Iron Fist, fearing another psychic wave from Vertigo, rushes past Barbarus, powers his Iron Fist and slams her head into a 150 foot mangrove tree, knocking her out.

Spider-Man finds a large 120 pound rock, creates a makeshift web slingshot and launches the small boulder at Barbarus. “Hey ugly! Catch!” Barbarus is knocked back 15 feet and doesn’t get up.

Brainchild wonders how his super-genius failed him. He concedes defeat and begins sending a distress call, but Iron Man jams the signal. A frustrated Brainchild turns to run, but Iron Fist throws an unconscious Vertigo at his back and knocks him down. He surrenders and Spider-Man strings him up by his feet for questioning.

Iron Man hovers overhead. Spider-Man and Iron Fist shake hands over a job well done. Iron Fist uses the opportunity to use his Chi once again to help his new friend, before attending to his own injuries.

Current Doom Pool: 1D10 + 2D6

Character End of Scene PP & Stress Totals
Iron Fist 0 PP – D4 Mental Stress
Iron Man 0 PP – No Stress
Spider Man 0 PP – No Stress



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