Marvel Heroic - Avengers & Defenders

Breakout Act One - Surface

The New Lethal Legion is Born!

Iron Man is on his way back from a date in Miami he had with super model Natasha Ivanova and Spider-Man is being guilted into watching a chick flick with Mary Jane when the power goes out across all of Manhattan.

Spider-Man gets in costume and heads outside to investigate. Both he and Iron Man, who is flying over the East River, see a massive explosion emanating from the Raft – a maximum-maximum security prison for super villains managed by SHIELD. They head towards it to investigate.

The raft

Spider-Man hitches a ride on a willing WGNY news helicopter manned by a pilot, a female reporter, and camera man. Upon approach he notices Electro carrying a man in prison garb away from the Raft while triggering an EMP pulse that knocks out the news helicopter’s electronics. Iron Man is still too far away to help, but speeding toward the scene at over 500 MPH.

Spidey leaps onto the Raft and spins a web between the Raft main prison complex and a communications tower just north of the helipad and manages to catch the helicopter before it crashes. The news crew is unharmed and they begin lowering themselves onto the helipad where four SHIELD agents are stationed. The agents are trying unsuccessfully to communicate with the other agents inside.

It isn’t long before arch villain Count Nefaria rises out of the hole in the Raft, with Tiger Shark and Armadillo. The latter are chained together with a huge chain. Iron Man sees the opportunity and grabs the chain and attaches it to the communications tower. Tiger Shark and Armadillo swing helplessly until Spider-Man finishes the job by encasing them in a web cocoon.

Nefaria buries the SHIELD agents in rubble while announcing the birth of the new Lethal Legion. Grey Gargoyle and Griffin try to enter the action, but are laid low by Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Seeing the tide of battle turn against him and realizing he may have been premature in announcing his new super villain group, Nefaria flies away, but not before Spidey successfully puts a tracer on him.

The SHIELD Helicarrier contacts Iron Man and Director Maria Hill orders him to go after Count Nefaria, but he ignores her, excavating the SHIELD agents buried under the rubble instead.

Current Doom Pool: 1D12 + 1D8

Character End of Scene PP & Stress Totals
Iron Man 3 PP – D8 Physical Stress – D4 Emotional Stress
Spider-Man 1 PP – D8 Physical Stress



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