Marvel Heroic - Avengers & Defenders

Breakout Act One - Level 8

Tentacles, Typhoids and Tidal Waves

Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) is sitting in his law office on the outskirts of Hell’s Kitchen with his law partner Foggy Nelson, when he gets a phone call from Reed Richards asking him to check out Bob Reynolds (aka The Sentry), an inmate at the Raft maximum-maximum security prison.

Richards says that Bob has checked himself into prison without trial or due process, because he believes he killed his wife. Richards believes him to be innocent and, like Matt Murdock, has been having dreams about The Sentry and slowly remembering who he is over the past few weeks.

Matt and Foggy agree to travel to the Raft to investigate via SHIELD helicopter.

Upon arriving at the Raft they are escorted by two agents into the prison where over 80 inmates are locked up in cells, some drugged and some with power dampeners. They head down a hundred feet below the surface to level 8 where Bob is incarcerated. Foggy is very worried about being so close to so many notorious villains.

The visitors are just three cells from Bob’s when the lights go out and plunge the Raft into complete darkness. Matt Murdock retrieves his billy club from his briefcase and readies for trouble. The group starts to hear sounds all around them. Something is lurking above in the darkness.

Carnage drops to the floor and makes a lunge for Foggy, intending to eat him. Daredevil leaps forward and envelops Carnage in his billy club line and brings both clubs down into his face, severely injuring one eye. Foggy runs into Bob Reynold’s cell and curls up in a corner, clutching his briefcase tightly.

Matt murdock

Carnage shifts forms to slip out of the entanglement and spawns a symbiote that immediately possesses one of the SHIELD agents. The symbiote turns and affixes himself to the other agent and drains his blood, leaving a lifeless husk. Carnage uses the distraction to hide in a nearby cell, waiting to pounce.

The symbiote turns to attack Daredevil, but is greeted by several quick blows to the head from his billy club and the twisted creature falls to the ground, unconscious. Daredevil recognizes the voice of a woman timidly asking about why the lights have gone out. It’s Typhoid Mary, apparently still in her Mary personality.

This quickly changes when Carnage sticks two tentacles into her and begins drawing blood. She summons fire into her hand and Carnage recoils from the flame. Daredevil seizes the opportunity to deliver a knockout blow to Carnage, putting his billy club right through his remaining good eye, while knocking out several teeth with his other club.

Mary scolds Daredevil for being so ruthless and then decides that she’s been feeling lonely since he last saw her and attempts to compel him to want her. Daredevil’s will is strong though and he rejects her attempt to control him.

He notices a large amount of water rounding the corner further down the hall and heading towards he and Mary. The water rises up into a wave and extinguishes Mary’s flame, which confuses her enough to cause her to switch to her Bloody Mary persona.

The water continues rushing toward Daredevil and forms into a fist. Hydro Man is attempting to take out Daredevil in one hit, but the hero dodges and counter attacks him with his clubs, turning Hydro Man into a man-puddle on the cold metal floor. Hydro Man is out.

The emergency lights kick on, but full power has not been restored.

Mary tries again to control Daredevil and is frustrated by his resistance. Daredevil looks her straight in the eyes and tells her that he will never love her and that she is worthless to him. The truth of his words sink in and she collapses onto the wet floor and begins sobbing. Daredevil leaves her there rocking herself back and forth.

Realizing that all of the security systems are down, Daredevil decides that the best course of action would be to persuade The Sentry to help him control the situation. He quickly heads to Bob’s cell and notices that Foggy is there, shaken but more or less alright.

The Sentry is slumped over and in no mood for conversation. Daredevil and Foggy make an impassioned plea and he agrees to help keep inmates from escaping the Raft, but tells him that once the situation is under control he plans on coming right back to his cell.

The Sentry slowly stands and gets ready for action.

Current Doom Pool: 2D6 + 1D10 + 1D8

Character End of Scene PP & Stress Totals
Daredevil 0 PP – No Stress



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