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Breakout Act One - Investigation

Mop Up

The SHIELD Helicarrier arrives and Maria Hill is furious about the escaped convicts:

Maria hill

“Where are the rest of New York’s finest heroes? What’s The Sentry doing walking around? He should be in his cell! While you were rounding up a bunch of light weights like the Silver Samurai and Griffin, the likes of Count Nefaria, Graviton, Nitro, The Wrecking Crew and the U-Foes escaped! Why bring a wisecracking buffoon like Spider-Man into a serious situation like a prison break? Thank God Captain America showed up or Graviton might have destroyed the Raft and half of Manhattan!”

Iron Man ignores her complaints, while Spider-Man explains that he managed to get a Spidey tracer onto both Count Nefaria and Graviton. Captain America tries to diffuse the situation by reassuring Director Hill that they will do everything they can to help.

Maria Hill demands that Spider-Man hand over the coded frequency of his Spidey Tracers to SHIELD and he says that he’ll “think about it”. This infuriates her and she instructs Captain America to “talk some sense into these idiots!”, before storming off to take charge of the containment operation.

Emergency crews continue to assess the damage to the harbor front. Reed Richards arrives in the fantasticar. He’s been busy routing power from the Baxter Building to hospitals and emergency services. It will still be another few hours before power is restored in Manhattan. He rendezvous with Matt Murdoch and they go inside to check on Bob Reynolds.

Avengers Assemble

Captain America suggests quietly to Iron Man that they should really think about reforming the Avengers. Iron Man agrees that they should at least talk about it and offers Stark Tower as a place to discuss it. Captain America asks Spider-Man if he’d like to attend the meeting and he agrees. They decide to meet at noon the next day.

Captain America feels they might need some street level help and heads into the Raft to find Matt Murdoch who is standing outside of The Sentry’s cell, giving Reed Richards a chance to talk to Bob Reynolds alone for a bit. Matt says that he’s trying to lay low for awhile, given his recent problems with the tabloids, but that Luke Cage at Heroes for Hire might be interested in helping out. He gives Luke’s card to Cap so that he can contact him.

Iron Man flies back to Miami for more super model horseplay and Spider-Man decides to spend the rest of the night with Mary Jane.

Captain America calls Heroes for Hire and Daniel Rand (Iron Fist) answers. He tells Cap that Luke Cage is out of town, so Cap extends the offer to Iron Fist instead. Danny agrees to at least attend the meeting. Even if he doesn’t decide to join, he at least wants to be supportive of the Avengers getting back together.

Iron Man doesn’t return to New York until 6:30 AM and is still sleeping when Captain America arrives just before noon. He knows the pass codes to Stark Tower and takes the elevator up and lets himself in. He isn’t there long when Spider-Man taps on the living room window.

Cap: “Don’t you ever use the front door?” Spider-Man hops in and immediately heads for the refrigerator and grabs a juice box. He’s hanging from the ceiling, sipping juice, when Iron Fist arrives.

Everyone waits in the conference room while Captain America tells Tony Stark he should probably get dressed. Iron Man reluctantly gets out of bed, gets dressed, and joins the others.

Captain America makes an impassioned plea to Iron Man, Iron Fist, and Spider-Man that the world needs the Avengers. That the incident at The Raft is proof of this. There is much discussion, but in the end everyone agrees to reform the team at least long enough to find out who was responsible for the breakout at The Raft.

They are interrupted by a teleconference call from Maria Hill demanding the coded frequency for Spidey’s tracers. Iron Man tells her that they’ve decided to help SHIELD investigate the breakout and follow up on apprehending any escaped prisoners. He informs her that he is reconstituting the Avengers.

She tells him that he is not authorized to do this and he responds that his Champion Level SHIELD clearance means he doesn’t need her permission. She’s furious: “I thought you were going to talk some sense into them Captain. Stay away from my investigation. You haven’t heard the last of this Stark!” and hangs up.


Everyone finds her behavior odd. Why would SHIELD refuse aid from the New Avengers?

Iron Man, uses his SHIELD clearance to access Electro’s file and then uses his banking contacts to track any large sums of money transferred to Maxwell Dillon. It seems that Maxwell Dillon has an account at the National Bank in Boston that recently had a seven figure sum dumped into it a few days ago. Further reading of Electro’s file shows that he has been seeing a woman by the name of Mia Salem there, off and on, for a number of years.

Tony Stark still in civilian clothing, leads them to the Quinjet hangar and the team heads to Boston to follow their best lead. They land on a rooftop near the outdoor cafe where Mia Salem works, hoping to question her about Maxwell Dillon and his whereabouts. Captain America stays with the Quinjet, while Tony Stark and Daniel Rand approach the cafe in civilian clothes. Spider-Man decides to skulk along the shadowed rooftop ledges.

Mia salem

As they approach the cafe, Tony and Daniel realize their luck when they see Maxwell Dillon arguing with Mia Salem while she is working: “Come on Mia! This is our chance to finally get away from it all. We’ll never have to worry about money again.” It dawns on Mia that Maxwell must have been responsible for the blackout at the Raft “What did you do!?!”


Tony puts a hand on Maxwell’s shoulder: “Leave the lady alone.” He responds by electrifying his shoulder and the jolt of energy knocks Tony off his feet and six feet back. Danny helps Tony to his feet while using his Chi Healing to soothe his aching muscles. Spider-Man reveals himself and succeeds in webbing the lower half of Electro’s body to the iron fence surrounding the cafe: “I’m a little shocked to see you here. Not too smart.”

Patrons begin giving them all a wide berth, clearing away from most of the nearby tables. Mia looks on in horror. Spider-Man while leaping from building to building tries to finish encasing Electro but he manages to twist his upper body out of the way. Electro responds by unleashing a deadly spark that hits Spider-Man in mid leap. The blast halts his forward momentum as he is knocked unconscious and comes plummeting down, shattering the glass of a nearby cafe table.

Daniel Rand responds and powers his Iron Fist to connect with a devastating blow that nearly punches a hole through Electro’s chest. Tony Stark sees the opportunity, grabs a chair knocked over by a fleeing patron and smacks Electro hard across the head and knocks him unconscious.

Tony radios Captain America and then clears a spot for the Quinjet to land. Daniel uses his Chi Healing to bring Spider-Man back to consciousness. The cafe owner begins scolding Tony Stark about the damage done to his cafe until he takes out his wallet and gives the owner $2000 in cash to cover damages.

Spider-Man is groggy, but musters enough strength to rip out the iron fence section that Electro is attached to so that he can be moved back to Stark Tower for questioning. The cafe owner moves to protest, but Tony is already getting his wallet out for another $1000 payment.

The team brings Electro back to Stark Tower where he is placed in an insulated cell. He offers to tell them who paid him to break into the Raft in exchange for his release. Spider-Man is feeling softhearted in spite of his injuries and entertains the deal, but Captain America strongly objects. Electro hints at the fact that SHIELD hasn’t told them the whole story and that they may be getting in over their heads.

Iron Fist convinces Electro to at least tell them who he was there to break out as a gesture of good faith and that if his information proved accurate they would at least consider a future deal. Stupidly, Electro tells them that he was hired to break Karl Lykos aka Sauron out of the Raft.

Iron Fist follows up with his street level contacts and finds out that Brainchild was recently looking for someone with electricity or teleportation powers. He concludes that Brainchild must have been the one to commission Electro’s services.

The team assembles and Iron Man tells everyone that Brainchild is a Mutate from the Savage Land in Antarctica and that Karl Lykos is also a resident of the Savage Land. He also notes that Lykos is not on the original prisoner manifest for the Raft, which means that he was being held in SHIELD custody in secret. He has his computer check for any unusual activity in the news regarding Lykos, but doesn’t find anything. The group concludes that Lykos has probably gone back home to the Savage Land and decide to fly there to investigate.

On the way there, Spider-Man reminds everyone that Lykos is a mutant capable of draining powers and transforming into a giant pterodactyl and that maybe they should park the Quinjet a little ways out to avoid the magnetic issues that can cause crash landings in the Savage Land. Captain America and Iron Man agree.

Iron Man finds a plateau and a clear spot to land the Quinjet. They exit the aircraft and gather to discuss how best to track Lykos. Their plans are rudely interrupted when a giant T-Rex charges out of the nearby jungle and steps on the Quinjet causing it to explode into a hundred pieces.

The four Avengers, newly assembled, prepare for battle.



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